Summer Road Work

Baughman Township Road Workers are busy with the following summer road projects: 

Mowing:  All road ditches will be mowed using a berm mower and a boom mower.

Cleaning Ditches: Over time ditches fill up with silt, etc. and need to be cleaned.  This is done as needed and before chip and seal.

Patching:  Small repair and leveling jobs will be done as needed and to prepare for chip and seal.  

Berming: Over time the berms (edges) of roads become built up with dirt and sod.  This must be removed to prepare the road for chip and seal.  A special blade on the backhoe bucket is used to restore the berm.  

Chip and Seal:  In this process road oil is sprayed on the road and then a layer of stone is put down.  This is a widely used cost-effective way to maintain roads.  Melway Paving, the successful bidder, will soon begin the chip and seal road work in Baughman Township.

Thank you for your understanding.  Your patience and courtesy are greatly appreciated by our road crews.