Baughman Township Provides Recycling and Trash Collection Services. 

Residents can bring recyclables and trash to the Baughman Township garage on Misere Road in Burton City on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.   Get a free permit with verification of Baughman Township residency on your first visit.  While recycling is always free, there is a nominal charge for trash disposal.   Click below for current disposal rates. 

New Guidelines for Trash:

1.  All pricing subject to the discretion of the compactor operator per Township Trustees

2. Appliances with freon (refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners) are NOT accepted

3.  No charge for scrap, no charge for roadside trash

4.  No building materials (drywall, construction materials, remodeling remnants, etc.) Small quantities may be accepted.  Zollingers accepts building materials for a fee.

5.  Standard white trash bags $1, large trash bags $2 - Leaf size bags $3 - $5, barrels (50-55 gal) - $5, Recliners and      chairs - $5

6.  Couches, mattresses, box springs - $ 10.  Must be cut to fit in compactor.  Couches must be cut short ways.

7.  Truckloads - $20 and up.

Due to some safety problems encountered at the trash compactor, it has been decided by the Trustees that from now on trash must fit in the compactor and the door must be closed to run. We cannot accept items that will not allow the door to close. Thank you for your understanding.   


Baughman Township Compactor Disposal Rates, Visual (click here).

Baughman Township Compactor Policy (click here)


Wondering what can be recycled?   Click below: