Meeting Notification Rule

Baughman Township Trustees establish the regular meeting dates for the year at the first meeting in January and it is noted in the minutes. 

Special meetings are held as needed.

Notification of special meetings and regular meeting changes are posted at the south office window (toward the parking lot),  and online at the Baughman Township website. <>

Any person may determine the time and place of regular meetings by inquiry to the fiscal officer and, should there be a special meeting of the Board called at any time, any person may inquire in like manner as to the purpose of such meeting.  Notice will be sent by mail if requested and if a stamped self-addressed envelope is provided.

Should any news media request it, notice of any special meeting shall be given at least 24 hours in advance of such meeting.  If an emergency arises which requires official action immediately, the requirement of 24 hour notice shall be suspended but the news media shall be notified of any action taken as soon as practicable and every effort shall be made to notify those requesting such notice of the meeting time, place, purpose and of the urgency thereof. 

All meetings of the board shall be open to the public except that the board may hold an executive session to consider personnel matters, disciplinary problems within the department, legal matters relating to the operation of Baughman Township where public disclosure might jeopardize the position taken by the board, and negotiations, if any, with personnel concerning compensation or working conditions.